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As you look at this, you will probably see a lot of manufactures you don't recognize. Many of the unfamiliar name are from companies that provide Commercial & Pro gear to the Broadcast, Live Sound, & Recording Studios,
Mounts for TV, Projector, Speakers etc
Equipment Racks
Audio Processors
Speakers Residential, Commercial, Concert/Large Venue
not the regular consumer. We have worked hard to enter into agreements with these companies to be able to provide the Best solution possible, not just what you see at the local big box or boutique audio store. This is why we are called AV Systems of Maine L.L.C., not Bill's House of Stereo, or Speaker Mart.

We are NOT trying to disparage the local specialty audio shops, or even the big box stores, they have their place. When we decided to get into this a number of years back, we knew we wanted to carry more than just a few vendors, and as you can read about in our About Us section, we come from the world of Pro Audio/Video and still do Broadcast work to keep our hands in. That gear must work every time, all the time, no excuses. So in addition to the regular consumer audio gear like Marantz, Yamaha, Boston, DTI, you will see products from Community & JBL Pro Concert Speakers,  QSC & Crown & Crest powerhouse Amps. Screens up to 60' wide, not just 100". Subwoofers over 24". Lighting gear, mics, mic stands, mounts for just about everything (all prograde). The nice thing is that this kind of gear is that it is more rugged and usually more cost effective than just trying to make consumer gear work in a space that it was really not designed for.

We are not a store. We are also not under contract to sell a certain amount of any particular manufacturer to retain their business. When we have a job that requires a certain piece of equipment, we order it from the warehouse and it is here in a few days. This sets us apart from a regular store in that we don't need to push a particular product or solution. That is one of the reasons why we have so many manufacturers on our list. We can pull from a list of 10, 15, or even 27 speaker manufactures to get the right solution to a particular install situation. This gives us the flexibility to approach a situation with a much wider set of tools than anyone north of Boston or New York. I doubt that even then you would be able to find the range of products & manufacturers under one roof.

While we are still adding manufacturers, look at the list so far and compare it to anyone else. You can see why we can feel confident when we say, "Not a problem, we can do that."

At the moment this is a partial list. As we get a bit more time, we will put active links to the vendor websites to make browsing easier. At the end of the page is a list of the pro vendors we just added that we haven't had time to even get their logos yet (sorry guys). If there is someone or something you are looking for and don't see, it probably means we needed some fresh air. Give us a shout and we'll come back inside and keep typing.
Consumer Receivers
Everyone still waiting for their Logos

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