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Maine Custom Home Theater Design

Custom Home Theater Design
Whether you type it  Maine Home Custom Theater Design, Maine Custom Home Theater Design,  Dedicated Maine Home Theater Design, or just  "Really Big Maine Home Theater", it all comes down to the same thing;  "I want the theater experience and a 50" or 60" TV just ain't gonna cut it."

Then that voice in your head talks to your pocket book and says "Not happening, better go buy some lottery tickets" Not quite so fast. For those of you who have looked at the Art Deco Theater Project, you know that this does not have to be the case. Prices on projectors have come down to the range of that 60" TV and picture can be as good as, or frankly better, than that TV.

A Custom Home Theater Design can mean many things, from a addition on a house, to converting a basement or attic space, to even just rearranging the furniture in the existing room for better viewing & sound. It all depends on what you have to work with and how far you want to go. This is where the Design portion comes in. Thinking about it before doing it will save you money and a great deal of rolaids.

Custom Maine Home Theater
Before Custom Home Theater Install
Custom Home Theater Screen
Custom Maine Home Theater Design
So the first question is, how do you go from this?
to this?
In general, I think a Custom Home Theater Design in Maine  refers to a space where the Theater is the primary purpose of the room. Multi purpose rooms are fine and we do them every day, but when you have a Dedicated Home Theater Room, the room should be setup  to best reflect that  design intent. A Master Bathroom that is also the Mudroom would be an example of what not to do .

A Custom Home Theater Design or should we say Custom Designed Home Theater, should take all these points into mind:

to this?
Small Custom Home Theater
Custom home Theater Interior
Custom Home Theater Audience
Really Big Theater
Medium Custom Home Theater
How big an image?

How big an audience & what do they like to watch?

What about seating?

Custom Home Theater Chair Beige
Custom Home Theater Chair
Custom Home Theater Chair Red
Custom home Theater Chair Demo
Custom Home Theater Chair Grey
Custom Home Theater Chair Brown
Custom Home Theater chair Black
Custom Home Theater Options
Custom Home Theater Cabinet


all my friends

You can start with existing sofas and such, matching slip covers make for a nice effect on a budget, or you can head straight on to the Custom Home Theater Seating.

both of these companies have a variety of color & combinations. They can be individual seats or combined together to create arcs, loveseats, & just massive 12 person sofas.

Don't forget about the equipment, a rack or cabinet is the best way to protect your equipment not only from prying hands but also insures proper ventilation of your equipment.

Custom Houme Theater large cooling system
Custom Home Theater small cooling system
Custom Home Theater Rack Door
Custom Home Theater Rack Slider
Custom Home Theater Swivel Rack
Custom Home Theater Rack Front View
Custom Home Theater Rack Tall Side View
Custom Home Theater Wall Mount Rack
Rolling Racks pre-configured or custom designed
Wall Mount Racks
In Cabinet slide out racks that also rotate for easy access
Cooling Systems
Rack Doors (Smoke, Solid, Vented)
What about seating for your equipment?

Why does it Matter?
Room size determines screen size, but it also determines the number of seats available in the room. The more rows, the closer to the screen, the smaller the picture may need to be to provide good picture & room for speakers. There are designs to maximize this by moving the speakers behind the screen, & getting the equipment out of the room. This allows more room, cuts noise & distraction from all of the display panels, and removes heat from the room. We can work with you to provide the best balance of all these things in a design that fits your needs and budget..

did you know that each person puts off the same amount of heat as a 600 BTU heater by just sitting there?
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